SJM Consulting Ltd. - Shawn J Magee - Web-based Marketing Management & Development.

SJM Consulting Ltd.

About me: I now work as an independent consultant under the unbelievably unique and well thought out name, “SJM Consulting”. To quite literally spell it out, Shawn Jeffrey Magee is now doing consulting work. Therefore – “SJM Consulting”. I am a firm believer in being very straight ahead!

I have a number of contractors that I work closely with, and we provide my client base with any requirements that revolve around Web-based marketing, sales and management tools. These include Social Media Integration, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Responsive Website Development and Design, Navigation, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) Development, and custom Web-based Application Design and Implementation. We also provide input and management for specific Google Adword Campaigns, and create and host SaaS applications on Canadian-based servers for Ecommerce, Credit Card Gateways, Membership Management systems, Non-profit Campaigns and Product and Process Management. If it’s Web-based, we provide consultation, guidance, and ultimately, solutions.